Childrens Shows You Love to Hate

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June 10, 2008 4:24pm CST
Whats your favorite children's show that your kid(s) watch? Which one can you not stand one minute more of? Lately I've been getting into "Oswald" Oswald is an octopus (for those of you unfamiliar) It is just really strange. It has unique animals that I haven't seen animated, so Its a little different in that respect too. Which one can I NOT stand? Very easy...."DoodleBops"! Oh my goodness! They are just so creepy! I just won't allow it anymore! LOL
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@liquorice (3901)
10 Jun 08
Well my daughter loves Peppa Pig, and me and my husband like it too, in fact I think we've all probably watched every single episode, and we watch them again and again! I thought Yo Gabba Gabba was a bit strange at first, but it's grown on me with its positive messages (that my daughter remembers - but doesn't necessarily put into practice, lol!) and groovy music So now I like that too. The one which I cannot stand is Barney. I won't let my daughter even know about it in case she wants to watch it! I just find him so cloying, patronising and, well, squeaky-voiced! I just looked up DoodleBops as I couldn't remember what it was, and I agree it is extremely creepy! We don't watch that one either.
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• United States
10 Jun 08
I actually have caught a little of Peppa Pig and it does look cute, but I never paid attention to the story, I'll have to check it out! I agree about the Barney thing-I purposely didn't really get my son into him either. I was so tired of him from my daughter who was a BIG Barney fan! I'm on the fence about Yo gabba-my son loves the songs too! Its kind of primative. Thanks for sharing liquorice! :)
@cjgrooms (4456)
• United States
11 Jun 08
"The big comfy couch" would be one that i don't mind listening to and "Caliou" is one i will not under any circumstances let play in my house.
@Essie119 (673)
• Canada
10 Jun 08
I can live with the Doodlebops, but I can't stand when they want to watch Four Squares on Treehouse. For some reason it drives me round the bend! The other one that I love to hate is Bob the Builder. This is only because the theme song gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day.