My new look

United States
June 11, 2008 10:50pm CST
I recently decided to change the look of my blog, and I am udecided on whether I like it or not. I've always been attracter to darker colors in a blog, and always thought it looked more professonal. The background is now white, with blue, and some other subtle colors. I would like you to take a look, and just give me your opinion on whether I should keep the new look, or go find a new one. The link is in my profile.
5 responses
@Alnitak (423)
• Italy
12 Jun 08
It's nice, but I have to say that I don't like so much the dark red title O_o
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
12 Jun 08
I changed the look of my blog a little bit the other day too. I needed to make some changes on it anyway because I had to make some arrangements of my paying sites as well. I changed the background and the colors also. I will take a look at your blog. Mine is in my profile too.
@celticeagle (119864)
• Boise, Idaho
12 Jun 08
It looks fine.
@borgborg (821)
• Philippines
12 Jun 08
sorry but i won't be able to look at your blog today coz i need to rest now, but i promise tat i'll visit it by tomorrow & i will leave a comment about it by then. sorry again. :'(
@anawar (2406)
• United States
12 Jun 08
luckycharm_ It's a very soft look. It feels like a money blog because of the colors you used. I think it needs a sharper edge somewhere for more definition. Can some of the font on the right match the red colour of the font in the middle? You can't overdo the red. The blog needs a sharper edge, more defined columns, maybe that's it. I'm thinking while I'm writing. Overall, I like it!