Rain or Shine

@mimico (3619)
June 12, 2008 5:42am CST
Here in the Philippines, we only have two kinds of weather: rainy or sunny. It's warm all year round, but starts to cool from late September to January. Nevertheless, we only experience sunshine or rainfall. Sometimes, I envy those we get to experience all four seasons. Having different seasons means different clothing all year round. Winter jackets, fur hats, trench coats, and warm scarves are just some of the items I'd love to add to my current t-shirt&jeans wardrobe. Aside from fashion, seasonal changes will also affect the type of crops we grow. We can pumpkin in October and berries before summer. What wonderful new desserts I can eat! It's really too bad that God only gave us two seasons. But it's all good. I don't think many Filipinos will be able to live through a snowy winter anyway. Given what we've got, I'd prefer sunshine over the rain even if it makes me sweat without moving. Rain makes it hard to go out. It makes everything dirty and muddy. And it somehow makes the day so short that I hardly accomplish anything.
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@oyenkai (4397)
• Philippines
8 Mar 09
I thought we only had two seasons: HOT and VERY HOT :P I also prefer not-rainy months. I don't particularly like blistering hot days as well, but we do have somewhat good days when it's not hot, but is also not raining. I prefer those. I also find it difficult to move about when it's pouring outside - especially if the place isn't particularly clean. Thanks for the response on my discussion!
@caver1 (1765)
• United States
8 Mar 09
Seems we always want what we can't have. I live in the southern U.S. and we have 4 seasons. I don't like winter. I can stand the heat better than the cold. I am glad that spring is here, even though we could still have some cold weather.