Daily driving?

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June 12, 2008 6:52am CST
I was just sitting here thinking about getting ready for work and remembered that I have to get gas. Which in turn led me to think about all the miles that i drive in a day. I take my son to work which is 25 a mile round trip, come home and then leave 45 minutes later to go to work myself. I clean houses so I drive all over the place, the least of which is about 55 mile round trip and the most would be about 70. I then have to go and pick my son up from work which is another 25 miles. All together Im driving over 100 miles a day and thats just for work ! ! How many miles a day do you have to drive? Better yet, anyone want to come and get my sons car running so I can drop 50 miles a day? LOL
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@spalladino (17925)
• United States
12 Jun 08
Wow! You sure do have a lot of running around to do. I live close to my job and try to limit my driving as much as possible so I would say that I drive about 35 miles per day to and from work and maybe 10 miles on the weekends. I'm saving a lot of gas by working close by but I'm not making nearly what I could be earning if I worked farther out. Then again, with the way gas prices have risen, I probably would end up in the same financial situation after deduction fuel costs.
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13 Jun 08
Yea I do, alot more than I would like...lol My fiancee was considering getting a job that is closer to home also, but there are not alot around here that pay what hes making. We sat down and figured it out, and with gas prices as high as they are, he could take a pay cut and still be making very close to the same that he is now. You probably would be in the same situation that you are now if you moved farther out, with the only difference, being more time away from home.