Another shocking story about a drink driving mother..............

June 12, 2008 2:15pm CST
who allowed her toddler to drive the car!!! A drunk mother from Ohio, wa arrested soon after she was caught allowing her one year old son to drive using the steering wheel!! marya Green, 29, was pulled over in Goshen Township trailer park by police officers who suspected her of driving suspiciously. Little did they know she was controling the pedals as her son steered!!! Green was found to have a 0.11% blood alcohol level after failing a roadside sobriety test. She was way above the legal limit which is 0.08. A police officer said it was sheer stupidity of letting a nipper take the wheel aside, why was the youngest kiddy deemed the best candidate for designated driver when there were two other kids, aged five and eight, in the back seat? YouTube shows that Marya Green is hardly the first parent to let her underage offspring drive. There are vids of more front-seat babies, one including footage of an infant driving a tractor and a foetus who looks like they are driving!! The link is:
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12 Jun 08
Unreal, Why do people do this to there children. It's amazing what the almighty drink does to a person. It bothers me when people involve their kids in there bad habits. Your kids are a gift to you, to put them in danger like that is unforgiveable. people sure dont think when they drink.
12 Jun 08
Its even worse that there was two other kids sitting in the back of the car!! Makes you wonder whether they were belted up or not!!! How a parent can do this to their child despite the amount they have had to drink is unreal!!