Ex-Manson follower dying, seeks release from prison

@ersmommy1 (12598)
United States
June 13, 2008 2:59pm CST
Susan Atkins seeks "compassionate release" from prison She is serving life sentence for role in Manson family murders of late 1960s Web site quotes husband as saying she has terminal brain cancer Request is under consideration, corrections official says She is serving life for murder. All those people died horribly. Sharon Tate and her unborn child for one. Where was her "compassionate release" This may sound cold, but I don't think she should be released. Do you?
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@rowantree (1190)
• United States
17 Jun 08
Since she's dying anyway, why not just kill her now & get all of this controversy over with? She doesn't deserve compassionate release and it's an insult that she'd even ask for it.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
13 Jun 08
I don't think she should be released either. she committed alot of crimes and murderers and there is no reason for her to be back out on the streets. She did the crime and needs to do her time regardless. They need to keep her locked up until she passes away. she took lives and hers should have actually been taken a long time ago. That is just how I feel. An eye for an eye when she was totally guilty of these horrific crimes.
@1grnthmb (2063)
• United States
13 Jun 08
She is there for a reason. And with a life sentence she deserves to die there. Did she show any compassion for those she murdered? No she didn't! So no compasion should be showed to her. All of those people need to have the keys to their cells thown away. Cold Hearted? You bit cha.