Which works best for you?

United States
June 14, 2008 11:56am CST
I have tried numerous antidepressants in the past including; prozac, remeron, lexapro, celexa, reboxetine (not available in the US) amytriptyline, and the drug from Hades Effexor. The only reason I say this about effexor is that I took one 37.5mg capsule and was violently nauseous for three days- needless to say I did not take that one again. Any thoughts from others who have had succes on anything that might be new?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
24 Oct 10
Well, sometimes its unavoidable that we feel depressed for the day..but for the health its not a good side, i believe in Meditation which will balance our mind and helps to be normal at situations
@fiona08 (454)
• United States
14 Jun 08
For those of you who think medication is unnecessary in all cases: If you truly have chemical depression, you may never get over it without medication. Some people are able to manage it and make life be somewhat tolerable, but antidepressants can actually change the chemical imbalance and restore your normal mindset. People have a lot of misconceptions about depression. Life circumstances may definitely trigger a depressive episode, but with a chemical imbalance, life may be rolling along just fine and you can't get out of this horrible funk. With medications, though, a person must be extremely patient. It sometimes takes six weeks to begin to feel the effect of the medication. When you are already desperate for help, that may seem like an eternity. It is very bad to stop and start medications at random though. A doctor should help you make the transition. I tried many kinds before finding one that worked for me. Paxil worked well, but triggers manic episodes if there is bipolar present. Welbutrin is the one that I have successfully taken for more than 6 years. By successfully, I mean, I am happy when I should be, sad when I should be, angry when I should be. You should not feel like an emotionless zombie if your medication is right for you. Good luck! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. :)
@spalladino (17925)
• United States
14 Jun 08
My husband has PTSD with depression and he did well on Prozac for a number of years but then it stopped helping him so his doctor put him on Bupropion, which is the generic name for Wellbutrin. He takes the extended release and it's been working well for him for about a year now. Sometimes you have to try several different antidepressants before finding the one that works for you.
@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
14 Jun 08
I was in depression for eight months and my doctors prescribe medications that I never fill. I think depression is a mind factor and depending on pills to help ease life trouble is wrong. I think it is best that you start to mediate and think positive thoughts. After a while pills will not be any used to your body. Take time out of the situations and take about your problem. I am not going to tell you to go to church and baptize no. I will encourage you to form a bond with God,because with all the pills it is only him that can solve your problems. Do the things that makes you happy. People will say that you are only thinking about yourself but at the end of the day who will be making you happy. You or others. They will tried but it is you who will have to allow it. Have a nice day.