Atlast We Meet Again

@julyteen (13259)
Davao, Philippines
June 17, 2008 2:59am CST
atlast my teacher last semester we meet again. this the update of the teacher that many of us claim of her unfair giving of grades. she entered in our room, suppose to be our program head was having class with us, she interrupt and ask that she know many of us didn't satisfy the grade she give, i answered her YES. we exchange words of wisdom, explanations, clarifications and so on, until she admit and accept her fault and she want to change our grade, but i didn't agree because she already submitted to the administration. then, before the end of our class she said to our program head that she want to stop teaching because of what's happening last night? is she right on her plan to stop teaching?
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@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
17 Jun 08
I don't think she should stop teaching but I do think that she needs to start being fair with the grades from the start. I think she is trying to do the right thing now with her students, but since the students will not accept, I think she feels like she just needs to stop teaching because she feels unaccepted now. Is that waht you meant by what had happened last night?
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@kaezy_kulet (2465)
• Philippines
17 Jun 08
if she do not know how to give a fair grades then she really needs to quit teaching..but she had admitted her fault and i think she won't be repeating her mistakes again she deserves a second chance..if you think she is an effective teacher despite the mistake she have done she might as well stay in teaching,..students need great teachers.