Something we should know and do it in our life (STONE AND SAND)

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@alkurishy (2069)
June 17, 2008 7:56am CST
It is a short story I wrote it its name (STONE AND SAND) I hope its will mean somthing for u. Once upon time there was two friends lets name them Ahmed and Ali traviling togather in the desert, in their way they had a fight between them that make Ahmed to slap Ali on his face, Ali get hurt from wat happen and didnt say any thing but he wrote on the sand ((TODAY MY DEAREST FRIEND SLAP ME ON MY FACE)), they continue their trip as nothing happen until the reach an oasis they was very thirsty so they went runing to the oasis Ali while he was runing he sliped and go down in the water it was some of deep and he cant swim so he call for Ahmed, Ahmed run for him swiming and save his life, the go out the water both, Ali was very tired and take a small stone and wrot and the a larg stone ((TODAY MY DEAREST FRIEND SAVE MY LIFE)), Ahmed ask Ali "u wrote on the sand when i salp u on face and now u write on the stone that i save u", Ali answer him "when a dearest friend hurt u we must wrot that on the sand so the wind comes and bring the it the forgivness and what we wrot is gone, but the write on the stone no one can rase it and with time the stone get stronger and what we have wrote get more clarity". End of story. What we should know from this story that we must wrote our suffering on the sand and wrote te good experiences on the stone so every one could to see it and learn from it. Someone saying that we need a minute to find someone perceptive, and an hour to rating him, and a day to like or love him, but we will need all our age days to forget him after that. I hopr this discussion would be some helpfull to anyone.
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@laydee (12813)
• Philippines
17 Jun 08
I don't think you wrote this story. I have already read this a few years back. It was sent to me through my email. About the story, it's really true that negatives should be written off sand (of course not literally) while good deeds are carved in stone.
@alkurishy (2069)
• Iraq
17 Jun 08
I dont know if there are a simillar story but if it is have the same name maybe I am bluffing and mabe i have read it before, anyway I have wrote it yesterday refreshing my mind to wrote somthing usefull here its not just to earn money here but it is good to write somthing to help somebody and if u see that I am a laier so i abologize to everyone who will read this discuss. just get the meaning of the story i dont want to be a great writer it is what i ave in my mind that is all, and thanx for ur response