What's Your Favorite Pantera Song?

United States
June 18, 2008 3:04pm CST
I sort of have a story behind mine...Until my knowledge I'd never heard a Pantera song until a couple of years ago. My X bf, when we were still kind of friends somewhat, told me that this guy that I was practically in love with, and still am, said that he loved Pantera. I noted it, but I didn't go looking for Pantera songs or anything, didn't try to download any. But when I was in Pittsburgh with my mom, i was flipping through the XM channels and I saw Pantera was on the little box thing, so I stopped and it was Cemetary Gates, I still haven't heard that many Pantera songs, but Cemetary Gates is one of my favorite songs, and I always think of him whenever I hear it. And sometimes I even play it for him on the jukebox when he's working.
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@trohichko (197)
• Bulgaria
1 Jul 10
When talking about Pantera it's hard to determine just one song. Among my favorites are songs like Hollow, Becoming,Regular People, By demons be driven, Walk and so on and so on...Pantera just combines the best guitarist and best vocal who make its music immortal!
• India
17 May 10
My personal favorite songs from Pantera are Cow boys from hell, domination, walk. Phil's vocals are heaven guys.. And Dimebag's god of guitars.. What else does a band need to get to the stars overnight.. Yes some luck too is needed I know!!! May thy soul rest in peace dimebag!! \m/
@shyamlal (3538)
• India
19 Oct 08
Well my Favs are "Cowboys from Hell", "Cemetary gates" and "revolution is my name"..
@Anchopy (1453)
• Paraguay
19 Oct 08
Hi Callie.. I think that my favorite Pantera song is Becoming.. but recently I've heard We'll grind that axe for a long time and it's starting to turning into my favorite song right now.. It's hard to have a choice between all pantera songs because all of them are amazing
@d1m3b4g (10)
• Philippines
20 Aug 08
Regular People, from Vulgar Display of Power. It's not as popular as the other songs, so I like to think of it as my favorite, mine all mine...
• United States
3 Aug 08
That's a great song, top 5 for me. I like "Revolution Is My Name and "Walk". I got to see Pantera play in KC, MO right before Dimebag was shot, what a sad day. R.I.P. Dimebag.
@coolseeds (3921)
• United States
9 Jul 08
"Cemetery Gates" is one of my favorites. But I would have to say that "Cowboys from Hell" is my favorite. I also think that it was one of their better cds.
• United States
9 Jul 08
I have heard of them, but I'm not familiar with their music. The only thing I know was that they started off as a band that constantly played at a bar - I believe in Texas. they got picked up by a record label, & became famous almost overnight. The only other thing I know is one of the original members, Dimebag Darrel, was shot & killed on stage by a crazed Pantera fan because of their disbanding.
• Australia
5 Jul 08
This love and Cemetary Gates are my fave's. I think you would like This Love if you like the other one. I'm pretty sure they're on the same album.