Do reality shows churn out bad actors?

@Mickie30 (2633)
June 18, 2008 5:07pm CST
Sharon Osborne is a person who I look up to and admire. Yesterday I read that she had hit out at reality television saying that it churns out rubbish actor's. Personally I couldn't agree more. As an actor myself that has never been given a chance. Maybe I don't have the looks, but I do have the gift. I could probably never pass an audition because I get too nervous and don't have fantastic looks like actor's are supposed to. Any of the reality shows I have seen have been aimed at actor's who can sing and I cannot sing very well, but I can act. I love acting it is my passion, but there are a lot of rubbish actor's out there and not enough chance for those who truly have been blessed with the gift. That is why I totally agree with what Sharon Osborne has said. So what do you think. Do you think there are a lot of bad actor's in the world who are churned out from reality television and who only get famous by chance? I know that personally I do.
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