gasoline shortage and rising prices

@only1shi (405)
United States
June 20, 2008 2:03am CST
do you really believe all of the hype that you hear on the news about gasoline issues? i think that the media is trying to encite panic so that the gasoline industry can get away with charging these outrageous gas prices. wasn't the introduction of E85 supposed to lower the cost of gas? yet, all i've seen is the prices steadily going up. and now people are worried about a shortage of corn. i'm slowly seeing that suv's are becoming obsolete. what will happen when the government mandates that all automobiles be hybrid, fuel cell, water powered, solar powered or any other idea that people come up with? all the cars that people are driving now will be junk and we will be expected to upgrade. but with what money? at what point are government officials going to hold the gasoline corporations accountable? i mean, they have been posting record profit in recent years; and yet consumers are struggling with the idea of, "do i pay my bills, or put fuel in my car?" "do i buy groceries, or do i put fuel in my car?" "do i try to sell my car and hope that public transportation becomes reliable enough for me to depend upon solely?" well, i say enough is enough!!!!! i think that we, the consumer, need to make a stand and stop buying gas! if we don't buy it, there will be less demand and the prices are bound to come back down!
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@SusanLee (1920)
• United States
22 Jun 08
To be honest with you I don't know what's going on. As for the media, I take them with a grain of salt. I don't trust them as far as I can throw them. I've heard people say gas has went up because the gas mongers are wanting to get richer, I don't buy that because why didn't they do it along time ago, why now all of a sudden? I do think it's interesting that no one in the government is really addressing the issue. I do know this, something has to give, it can't continue like this indefinitely.
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