United States
June 21, 2008 4:07pm CST
Am I the only one who seems to get that response when I tell someone where I am from. I am from a small country that barely anyone has ever heard of. Does anyone else ever get this response?
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@spalladino (17925)
• United States
21 Jun 08
I get that response when I tell people who don't live in Florida where I live because many people seem to forget that Florida is more than the beach communities. I live in south central Florida outside of a tiny town that no one has ever heard of.
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@jason1308 (1587)
• France
21 Jun 08
Well it would help if you told us where you are from then I could tell you if I know where it is. I see in your profile that you are based in Houston, in the United States, but would guess that you or your family are not originally from there, as you say a small country (hardly the US then). So give us a clue and you might get the correct answer, we aren't all thick you know.
• Canada
21 Jun 08
There are people out there who don't know where DENMARK is, they always think Sweden, or when they do think Denmark, they think DUTCH instead o Danish. That gets really really annoying, after a while.