This is really scary!

@estherlou (5017)
United States
June 22, 2008 11:50am CST
A video security camera caught 5 masked intruders with assault rifles in an elementary school afterhours. Sheriff officers arrived quickly with their own weapons at the ready. Everyone was lucky! What they discovered was that these were 14 year old kids with "replicas -- so-called "airsoft" guns that shoot lightweight plastic BBs" and they look so real, that the police can't tell the difference. This is just asking for trouble!
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@vanities (11401)
• Davao, Philippines
26 Jun 08
its scary indeed.. to think that they were able themselves to be inside the school facility without detection.. i really dont know how this young boys acting as if it was real and all..
@Thoroughrob (11750)
• United States
24 Jun 08
Wow, I cannot imagine how scared those kids were, and the police. I am glad that nothing horrible happened.
@zeloguy (4913)
• United States
23 Jun 08
Kinda makes those who don't want cameras in our schools lean towards actually having those cameras in the schools. Really scary stuff. Great post Thank you, Zelo
@jillmalitz (5132)
• United States
23 Jun 08
These are the same kids that will complain of police brutality. They don 't make the cops jobs any easier. And just where were the parents and what will they do an=bout this?
@celticeagle (121075)
• Boise, Idaho
23 Jun 08
So scarey. Kids are so into getting kicks and it is just crazy.
• United States
23 Jun 08
What the heck do the kids thing they where doing? They could have been shot and killed. Wow it is a wonder they where not.
• United States
22 Jun 08
The times we live in are getting worse and worse. Every day there seems to be some kind of dangerous incidents involving schools and school children. When I was young metal detectors were absolutely unheard of.... now it is commonplace.
@zeroflashx2 (2491)
• Philippines
22 Jun 08
What were they thinking? We just have to ask what was their motive in doing it? (sigh) The scariest part would be, what if they were real?? It showed the vulnerability of schools to such inexplicable acts. Hope everyone learns this lesson especially the authorities. It may be a spoof but it is serious. Almost like a fake bomb threat.