What have you boughten with the myLot payout money?

United States
June 23, 2008 3:34pm CST
I've only made about $1.00 so far, and I now realize that it's going to take quite awhile before I can get $10.00, but once I get there I don't know what I'm going to buy with the money. Since the money goes to paypal, I guess I'm probably going to buy something at ebay, although $10.00 isn't a whole lot, so I was wondering, what has everyone else spent their myLot money on? Thanks for any ideas. :D
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@beki710 (949)
23 Jun 08
Well my plan is to not spend it on anything. I'm £450 into my overdraft (and I just scared myself completely by working out how many dollars that is - $884.304 )and so any money I earn is going towards slowly but surely paying that off (mylot isnt the only thing I'm doing to earn money). Unfortunately I'm not very good at saving. I'm likely to spend it on eBay on something I don't really need but want...
• United States
24 Jun 08
However much money I end up making out of this before the summer ends will be contributed towards personal expense and for contributing to a car I'd want to buy, which is $5695.
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23 Jun 08
I am going to take my money and put it towards either ebay for Christmas gifts or I am going to take it out of Paypal and I'm going to put that money towards my student loans and car loans! They're my only debts and I can't wait to get out of them!!!