have you ever had a crush on your teacher?

@iamnes (325)
June 23, 2008 4:12pm CST
i can't help but i like those who are intelligent and very approachable people. these last few weeks, my fiance and i was discussing our high school days and he kept on repeating that i have a crush on one of my teachers back then. i denied it. but recalling the memories, i realized that he was really really cool back then, he would give us advices beyond school but about our lives in the future. he chose me to be the student-teacher for him, i was happy to represent him. he also signed my notebook before graduation, giving me praises. up to now, i still feel happy about his comments for me-it was 9 years ago already. i wonder where he is... the last news i got from him was that he transfered to another school with his wife and baby. i have to admit, i have a crush on him back then. for me, he was a great guy and was incredibly attractive (like michael vartan in never been kissed/alias)! it's fun to look back at those memories. how about you, have you ever had a crush on your teacher before or on your current teacher? are you embarrassed for that since your classmates might tease you for it? realizing now, i am not ashamed to have a crush on him because i know he is really a great man (",) and he lives a happy life right now!
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@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
23 Jun 08
Yes, there was a teacher Michael who I have a terrible crush on. Even now whenever I see him I feel mushed all over. Yes most of my friends were aware that I have a huge crush and used to tease me on it. This was at my high school level. Yes mon it was enjoying seeing him. The truth of the matter this teacher never teach me but when he started teaching there I invited him to my club which was the Key Club. He came and I started to realize that he was a nice man and always asking me about my welfare. I don't even know if the kids at school told him about it. A couple years a back I think I mentioned it to him and he started laughing. We have a good friendship because whenever we see each other and if he is the first he will try and get my attention to him. I am glad that he came and teach at my school because it was at that time I started to carry myself better. I was in grade 10 when he started to teach there. School days are the best.
@beki710 (949)
23 Jun 08
I quite liked my English teacher, hes only a few years older than us and I had him in my 6th form classes - so being 18 and with hormones everywhere!- I did quite like him and he was only 24. I went back into my school a couple of days ago and saw him - we had a good chat up and I still couldn't help but be attracted to him. If I'd met the guy in a pub... Oh well. Plenty more men around!