Gas Prices

United States
June 23, 2008 6:23pm CST
I had just heard on the radio that gas prices have remained steady for the past three months. I think that would be considered good news. I am fortunate that I only have a 3 min drive to work. I have not increased my driving any nor decreased it. I don't make long trips in my car due to the gas prices. Has anyone else noticed a change in their driving habits due to the gas prices?
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• United States
28 Jun 08
well i have seen people changing their behaviour and becoming smart enough to save money on gas and make the maximum utilisation of every gallon of gas they burn. I have seen many people using the idea of CAR POOL wherein you have more privilages on the freeways. Five people in the same car burn gas for only one car they drive thru.So each person pays 1/5th of the pice of gas they burn in total.More over people have started reducing their speeds when they drive to get the maximum fuel economy.Many people have sold their high gas consuming car and have bought a small car or a car which gives a better fuel efficiency.Carrying unwanted weight in the car has also been curbed by people.
@spalladino (17925)
• United States
23 Jun 08
I don't know where you are but in Florida the only thing steady about our gas prices is the way they've been rising until a few days ago. My driving habits have definitely changed because of the increase in gas prices, no unnecessary trips, Saturday outings are out, we don't even think about taking the boat out. Personally, I work all week and would like to have some enjoyment on the weekends and, with nothing close to us, that means driving. I'm going to snap shortly and go to the beach.
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
23 Jun 08
No changes here. I think most people are able to handle the gasprices just fine. We should probably pay more to ensure that people do not drive much just for the fun of it.