it's who matter the most

United States
June 23, 2008 7:21pm CST
most of my life i never had many friends. when i did start making lots of friends, i found out it wasn't for who i was, but what i became. got into some bad things, and did more. but once i got straighten out i found out who my real friends was. then i finally found lots of people who wanted to be my friend for who i was. but i got hurt back in 96, and was laid up for almost a year. i had friends who came over to take care of me, and helped with the kids. they cook and helped them with their homework. by the time i found out i had bipolar, i really found out who my real friends was. the ones who came over at any hour my wife called them. but i might have lots of friends, but i keep a few close friends around. and my family as well. i learn that my family is everything to me, and my close friends are up there with my family. these are the people who seen me at my worst and my best. they are the reason why i worked so hard changing myself for the best
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