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June 24, 2008 12:22am CST has come with something really new and inventive way to attract more people to the site. now they offer a way to earn money, all you have to do is log into your account which is free to join and funds are then added for just logging in. it is a process time of every four hours that you will have funds added by just logging in. it is a good way to socialize with many people and they have this pet thing going that as you add friend you can buy them as your pet. there is also a ranking and a meet me, loads of fun and it breaks away from alot of the dull.something very new and different. try it out if you are not a member it is free to join. the site is
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@anujain75 (1069)
• India
24 Jun 08
Can you tell me how they pays.Is it like yuwie paying for viewing profile . If they are paying through cards then I will not join it because it is not allow in my country.Can you explained in details what I have to do over there.
• Pakistan
2 Apr 11
we have no pay anujain this money provide only company which motivate you to use the tagged and this money is not real if this money real than every one cannot do the job and use the tagged for earn money which is very easy so this is virtual i advice you to every person don't use the tagged if use for chatting use yahoo for chat over friend or sharing the document the tagged is only waste your time
• Philippines
24 Jun 08
Just this morning, I canceled my account in tagged. I only registered in that site last month. I don't know that I could be able to earn money with that just by logging. I just don't like some of the features in tagged like "meet me". Maybe that's the reason I canceled my account there.
• United States
24 May 09 is a revolutionary social networking website that Rewards its members when they use site. As a member,you will get rewarded for your activities in our site,such as, 1.Invite your friends to join 2.create groups,blogs,events,classifieds 3.comments on members profiles 4.Announce parties or events 5.Upload photos or events 6.Rate other members profile and photos Get Rewarded By virtual money you'll get rewarded with virtual money when you post/upload/vote/comment on stuff like photos,blogs,videos,music on you are given virtual money everytime you do these things,Later you can redeem your virtual money for cash and merchandises. The more active you are on our site,the more rewards you will get. It's that simple! Join now & start getting rewarded while making friends!
• United States
14 Aug 08
People..... they don't pay you real money..... it's a simple game. You earn money on your account so you can buy "Pet" or to say own people on the website..... you get paid every 4 hours you log in.... $2,000 tagged dollars........
@Barb42 (4225)
• United States
24 Jun 08
I had never heard of until yesterday. Someone I have never heard of sent me a message through an email account from my domain, which is an address I hardly ever use. I got two messages, and one of them threw up a warning, which instantly got my attention. I didn't like that at all. The name itself sounds like a game or a meme. I just deleted both emails and never checked them out. I do not want to go to a place where people hound you all the time to talk. And I also don't like the idea of being bought for a pet. Many services are doing this. Sounds like child's play.