The Best Team Ever-----Manchester United

June 24, 2008 12:22pm CST
Manchester united.The best club ever in the history of soccer.Not just because the have great players,But they have beaten almost all the top teams.There manager Sir Alex Ferguson is the greatest manager in the history of managers.He is the only manager to who has won the trebble.One of the greatest memories in the history of Manchester united is the Munich air crash.6 Februrary 1958 was a day of disaster.While the hole team of manchester united was coming back from munich,something went wrong in their plane and it crashed and most of the players were dead including their captain.It was one of the saddest days not only in the history of manchester united but in the history of soccer.But they didnt give up and won the champions league after 10 years.They have beaten the greatest teams in soccer like chelsea,arsenal,liverpool etc.they have won the champions league 3 times in,1968,1999 and 2008.So i just wanna say "Glory Glory Man United as the reds go marchin up up up!!!!!!!!!
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@Wizzywig (7860)
24 Jun 08
I share your sentiments on the Munich crash - it was indeed a very sad day for Manchester, for England and for the world of soccer. I can't share your opinion on Man Utd or Alex Ferguson but I defend your right to hold that opinion ;o)