I DO NOT like my neighbour!

@neelygal (1022)
June 25, 2008 1:21pm CST
I have one neighbour that I cannot stand.She is the most wretched lady.Whatever she hears going on in my house she will gossip all over town about and half the time she gets the story wrong.She is nosey and rude.She wont speak to me but will talk to my friends about me knowing they are going to tell me what she said.She is 2 faced and everyone she associates with as soon as they leave her house I hear her over there talking about the very person she was just laughing up with.I wish I could put my house on wheels and roll it someplace else.OMG did I mention she is married to my cousin and she has him acting the same way now?Am I wrong for feeling this way about my neighbour?
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@cjgrooms (4456)
• United States
25 Jun 08
Thank goodness i live in the country and do not have this type of neighbor! I don't have a clue what to tell you other than ignore her or talk to your cousin about it but if he is taking up her habits it probably won't do any good!
@neelygal (1022)
• Bahamas
25 Jun 08
That is exactly what I do-ignore her.She is a nobody as far as Im concerned.She has no kids and brags that she doesnt want any when in fct she had a backwood abortion when she was younger and now cant have any kids because of it.Its kind of hard to ignore her at times and I have had to call the police for her before for disturbing the peace after hours.
@carolbee (16241)
• United States
2 Jul 08
Fence Damage - Photo of our fence which was damaged by our neighbor's tree.
I don't blame you for being irritated. It's not your neighbor's place to spread gossip all over town about your family. Being married to your cousin probably doesn't help the situation since your cousin probably knows what's going on in your house just because he's family. Regardless, anything you care to share with others is your business and your business only. We have one neighbor who doesn't give a poo poo about our property. I'll load a photo in this discussion where his tree branch fell on our fence. He never once bothered to say anything about it in fact, he had the tree cut down. This is just one expense we will have to swallow because he didn't take care of his property. He had a water leak in his front yard and it also wiped out our mailbox. We got a new one. My husband mentioned something to his wife when she came over to complain about our little bitty dog barking outside one morning. She walked away pretty fast..lol Nothing more has been said or done by the neighbor. I feel like it's their responsibility to repair our fence since the tree branches were hanging on our property. Wasn't our place to trim them. I've been so irrirated about this situation which is why I took pics. Just in case we decided to take it further. This happened a year and a half ago so there's been an adequate amount of time to repair our fence.
28 Jun 08
As the saying goes - 'love thy neighbour' - I don't think so!!! My neightbour is a bit nosey too and I hate it - just because you live next door to somebody does not mean they have a right to spy or gossip about YOUR life!! I bet if it was the other way around then she wouldn't like it and would soon have something to say about it!!
• Malaysia
28 Jun 08
I got neighbour few house from my house, that i just discover he is so busybody. I just dicover he habbit in one late afternnon after my area is blowing by strong wind and unfortunately the strong wind is blowing down the big tree in my area. This neighbour saw this big tree is falling and he go all over the house in my area to say the tree is falling. Is i am he i will feel very shame to do what he do, but he doen't got any feeling but i see he very happy to say it in very happy feeling. Deep in my heart isay "What big deal, it is need to told to anybody about that tree is falls after the strong wind blowing".
• Canada
26 Jun 08
Wow! That sounds really really annoying. No I do not have such neighbours. On the left side, my neighbour is never outside he is busy working or something (he is rich btw). On the right side, well, there are three noisy kids and the dad doesnt have a job so hes home all day. So I guess I do not particularly like those neighbours, no. However, my friend Tim has a nextdoor neighbour who is crazy. She used to be in the mental penitentuary. She walks around in her bikini or whatever (and shes really old and saggy). Thats not the worst though, she cuts the lawn with scissors and other whacky things.