Grocery prices is it the economy or the stores

@bdugas (3581)
United States
June 26, 2008 11:53am CST
Have you noticed the new sales in some stores, 10/$10.00, at first I thought this was a good thing, until I stopped to check the price of a single one of the items, and it was well below a dollar. So if the item sells for 89 cents single, I am paying an additonal $1.10 for 10. Sometimes I believe the stores are the ones that are making the grocery prices what they are. Recently went to get maragine at the local store and what was usually sold for 2/$3.00 was now $4.09-$4.99, I just stood there amazed tht the price had grown that much in just a few days, next day at Wal-Mart same tub of margarine was $1.79, no a sale every day price, I ask. So it appears the local store raised the price, not todays economy. I also see that on the first of the month that most stores raise the prices because of food stamps coming out to people. I think this is something that should be stopped, it is hard enough for low income people and disabled to buy groceries the way it is, and then to raise the price on them. On the first of the month around here chickens are almost $7.00 for a single chicken, we try to wait till after the first of the month to buy groceries when the prices go back down. What about you do you think it is the store that cause the prices to raise.
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@chrislotz (8203)
• Canada
1 Jul 08
I don't know what stores you shop at because I have never noticed this price increases at the beginning of the month. But then I have never paid attention to it before so I am not saying you are wrong. I am going to have to check it out and see for myself, if this is happening here where I live, too. If you are right about it then I agree totally with you that, that is awful of the stores to do that to the poor people. I have watched the prices of bread at IGA and SOBEYS because they often have bread on sale at 10 for $10 and I know the regular prioe of the bread is $1.29 because I do buy it when it isn't on sale, so that one is a bargain. But I don't know about other things, haven't really checked the normal price before on some of the other things they sell that way.
@writersedge (22579)
• United States
27 Jun 08
Partially, supply and demand. If there are 10 chickens and 20 customers who want them at price A, then first 10 will get them and they will be gone. But if 10 chickens and only 10 of the customers will buy at price B, then most places will go with price B. So you're right to try to wait because there are fewer customers and more chicken later on which will be price C 10 chickens and 5 customers. So that price will probably below A. I shop by grocery fliers and they seem to have buys every week on many items regardless of the part of the month I'm buying in. Instead of buying the same things regardless of price, I try to buy what is on sale and stretch that way, but when I'm out of something like flour, then I need to buy it even if it isn't on sale. Take care
@slickcut (8141)
• United States
27 Jun 08
Prices have went way up,even at Walmart...It seems that all the stores are going up,and you might be right about the first of the month because of the food stamps,i will try to pay attention to that..That 10 for 10.00 thing is a gimmick,did you know even the 99 cent stores here that sell groceries have went fom 99 cent to $1.19 for each item...It pays to be very careful now days...Have you ever heard of "Angel food ministeries"? It is for everyone and if you look on the net under :angel food ministeries there might be one in your area..It is run by local churches and it is for anyone that wants to buy..You can get a lot of food for 30.00,and you pick it up once a month....They offer the first menu,and if you get that one then they offer other menu's that you can buy as well...We got $100.00 worth of food meat and good stuff for $30.00..................Its offered to people and it is al FDA approved...