Getting kids to eat healthier

June 26, 2008 1:01pm CST
Hi, I am a sahm to 3 kids. My oldest loves fruit & vegetables, but my two younger ones would absolutely live on chicken nuggets & cheese pizza if I would let them. I am just wondering what tactics or ideas some of you other moms out there have used to get your children to eat healthier? I know that there are some cookbooks out that use a lot of fruit & vegetable purees in creating meals. I have not tried that yet. Have any of you? I would love to hear some new ideas! Thanks for your input!
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• India
16 Jul 08
There are some ideas and ways that we can try to keep children away from eating a lot of junk food or only junk food for that matter. First thing is whatever we expect from children, we should also follow the same meaning you or your husband or elders in the family should not crave on junk food especially in front of children. You should try to avoid them in from of kids. Next is healthy food should also be appealing to kids or else they wont have the liking to even try it. For instance, you can do toppings and decorate the food, even cutting fruits and vegetables in a partivular shape may help them to like it and consume it. Andyou can occasionally tell the kids about neighbor kids eating habits or just pretend to. Say to your son " see sally next door she comes first in school, she eats lots of fruits and so she is capable". This kind of sayings will definitely help but dont use it beyond some time because then your kids will wonder why mama is comparing me with others always. Try this steps and let me know if it works. All the best.
@SusanLee (1920)
• United States
27 Jun 08
My two oldest always ate healthy, my last child is 12 and he wants to eat only junk, like yours, chicken nuggets and pizza. Unfortunately for him he also has intestinal problems which I have no doubt is due to his eating habits. I'm not blamming you for your children's eating habits. But I do blame my husband and myself for our son's awful eating habits. I finally told my son that his junk eating days are over. That from now on he would get whole grain breads, chips, and cereal. No more processed foods. He had to eat vegetables and some fruit through-out the day. It didn't go over very well but what choice does he have if we refuse to have it in the house. I saw a thing on Oprah one time; this woman has fussy kids. She fixed all kinds of vegetables, pureed them, froze them in little baggies and slipped them into thier food when she fixed meals. For instance she would put pureed cauliflower in the mashed potatoes. She would sneak something else in the meatloaf. I was amazed at this woman's inventiveness. If you pulled up Oprah's website and hunted around I bet you could find it. The woman also has a cookbook out for feeding fussy kids healthy.