Don't Laugh - I Hate Quilted Northern Toilet Paper!

United States
@schulzie (4075)
June 26, 2008 9:13pm CST
toilet paper - picture of toilet paper.
Okay now, don't you laugh about this! I usually always buy Angel Soft toilet paper. I like it, it doesn't tear apart, it is strong and it is nice and soft to the touch. I went to the store and they didn't have it in stock. So I contined my shopping errands and stopped at another store and guess what - no Angel Soft! So, I looked around and tried to find something else. I didn't want to buy the store brand because that is usually poor quality, etc. So, I decided to buy Quilted Northern. I got the 6 pack that has double rolls so it was like 12 rolls. I have a big family so that is why I always buy the biggest size. Anyways, I bought it and brought it home and my son and husband started complaining how it was like sandpaper and very rough. Well, I was wondering why I was starting to be sore and I then remembered buying the Quilted Northern. I went and got some Angel Soft today and let me tell you therre is a big time difference. I am so happy to have my old trusted friend! Hahaha! I just had to share! It is too funny to me! Have any of you guys ever had a similar experience?