Late Talkers

By Amy
Abernathy, Texas
June 27, 2008 1:00am CST
Do you have a late talker? Are you worried or do you know that each child is unique? Although its important to do the usual like check their hearing by age two, know this is no cause for panice. Einstein didn't talk until age three. If you believe in Indigos or Crystals, many of them are late talkers, partly because of the bond they have with their parents. Their moms or dads know what they need and give it to them not asking them to say the words. Sometimes homes with older children are the same. The older kids talk for the younger ones and interpret their garbled speech - if they talk at all. So is your child a late talker - how do you feel about this?
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@jillhill (37383)
• United States
27 Jun 08
All of my kids talked right soon as they can and they haven't stopped yet! When they are all together it's like a bunch of magpies trying to chat over each other. My granddaughter talks and uses words in proper context..big words and she is only three. I think alot of it comes from the daycare she is at!
• Abernathy, Texas
11 Sep 08
My neice was like that between two and three she had a huge vocabulary, knew colours, shapes (even the lesser known ones), songs etc. My own son, at 20 months, is a late talke. Not to his ears of course - he has been chatting since he was very little. He has a very small vocabulary, some of which hasn't changed since he was like five months. Hi, mama, dada, bath (he usually lops off the end of bath and just says ba ba ba with elongated a as he points to his tubb), out, up now or up yes?, he'll point to himself and me lately and say, play? - which is new - and cute and heart rending if I've been busy cleaning or something...bobert - which is his name but he says it for a peek a boo game we play where he hides and I say, robert - where is robert - so he'll pick up something to hide behind and say his name which is my cue! - door door - most things he says in the middle of a stream toddlerish so it sometimes takes weeks for me to ferret out the actual words in there - he finally has to point for me to get it! I do think he would benefit from daycare thanks for sharing your experience. :)