Injured Cat Update

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June 27, 2008 3:56am CST
Some of you may remember my starting a post about an injured cat in my apartment complex that a neighboor abandoned and animal control not caring? I've got 2 updates! 1) The cat seems to be healing the eye though the wound is dirty, I did what I could to clean it. He's looking very thin but strong enough to fight with us for 10 minutes about not being able to come into the apartment with us, lol. He kept insisting and insisting. If it weren't for my own cat who is a meany to him the times I've let them try to play together, then I would let him in. But she's so pop him one in the eye and I want to avoid him being hurt. (My cat's not horrible just raised alone so she doesn't know what to do with another cat and gets scared) 2) I found out how it got the wound. The once owners' kids pelted it with rocks and bottles, my mom saw them. I saw them do it again to him too, the older boy (like 13/14) threw something and the little one (4 or 5 yrs old!) threw a glass bottle but hit a window instead which he broke and ran. Some people should be born sterile... my neighbors are some of those people. 3) I e-mailed The Ark tonight and hope to hear from them in the morning. I gave them the cat's whole story and how sweet he was and what not and how adoptable and let them know that I couldn't take the cat myself and that he was injured and abandoned and young, he's only about a year old. I left them all my contact info and offered to put him in a carrier myself as he lets me handle him with no probs, if they brought it out and picked him up. I can't drop him off, we just paid rent and only have enough gas to go and come from an appointment on Monday. Otherwise I'd just bring him in myself as he likes to hop in our car, lol. I hope they were touched enough to take him in!!! I've said many prayers for this kitty and I'm glad to see that he's healing but he does need and want a home very bad. I'll be sad to not see him around anymore but so glad to know that he'll be getting medical attention and a happy loving home. He's so very loving. Here's the orginial post about him:
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@roberten (3131)
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27 Jun 08
Missed the original post but loved this followup. You are incredible! I hope you are successful in finding a decent home for the little kitty, sounds like the little thing sure could use some loving family to take it in. You will surely be blessed for your kindness. Thanks for making a better life for the kitty; althugh I would expect no less from a fellow Mylotter! (:
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