Was this a hate crime?

right under your eyes - pic of racist
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June 27, 2008 7:31pm CST
You can find my full statement on my myspace website blog, the address is: http://www.myspace.com/revellanotvanella very easy to find, just click "Hate crime?" link on the top right hand corner that links to my blog and you will find it. I know its a little lengthy but I originally wrote it for documentation purposes and just really am trying to figure things out. Me and my boyfriend went to a gas station and were getting the wrong gas, off road diesel instead of regular and the guy running the store yanks its out of my boyfriends hands and just talks so nasty to us. He threatens us with a arm full of swastikas (7's) and a masonic tatto but he said it was jewish. I couldnt understand why he was so angry with us until my boyfriend later told me that they saw us circling the store (the gas station has two sides, two entrances) and that he must of saw us drive in. The guy inside also said he saw us driving in so I mean, were they watching us??Why do I not have the right to file a police reports?? but the policeman said he will send something to the attorney general and ask if they want to press charges (something I told the perpetrator before the cop got there). You can find the whole story in my own words at my site.
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@ladym33 (11008)
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28 Jun 08
Definately sounds like the guy over reacted over an honest mistake. It sounds like thought that everyone there probably knew each other and things were not going to go your way in that situation. About the guy showing his tatoos, ect., I am sure it was meant to scare you. I wouldn't go anywhere near that gas station or town, it sounds like they are really shady there.