our congress wth ?

United States
June 27, 2008 9:08pm CST
here i am in my 40's and i am disable. of course 2008 our cost of living was 2.2% well everything esle went higher. and they think we are suppose to live off this. my wife is also disable as well. we don't make alot of money. of course we could go back to work. but then it's effic our pay. we could lost our disablty. but it's either make sure we keep our house, and keep the lights on, and not eat. oh let don;t forget about the gas. of course no reason why we are paying 4 bucks. so i go out and make extra money doing different things. time i get done i am so sore. can;t bearly move in the morning. what in the hell is our congress doing to us people who are disable. we help all the other countries but they can;t help the people in our country. of course the state i live in has little programs to help out too. for them to help out we have to lost everything we have. of course i hear some of my white freinds say, you are the wrong color. when i went to welfare office and talked to this black lady she told yeah i can;t get no help unless i push out 10 kids. what is our country doing to us, make our own people poor. wtf?
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