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June 29, 2008 3:32am CST
We often discuss relationships yet often fail to realize that we are related to a lot more than just our own families... This is a poem that I wrote based on the teachings of Little Crow, a teacher of the Lakota Oral Tradition who passed a few years ago in Minn. where he went to be with his people. I am hoping that after reading it you will look at all of the things that you are related to... and will share them in your own words or perhaps talk about what is the quality of the relationship that you have with everything that is... Do you think much about relationships? I am related. You are related We are related to everything that is... A tired man talking to himself, afraid of everyone he meets; a family living on the streets; a child begging for bread... all are tied to me. A man with a gun living a life of shoot and run; a baby born in a hospital; a woman praying in a church; a man on a respirator fighting for his next breath... all are tied to me. An athlete running hard, a poet and a singer, an actor on the stage, a politician... all are tied to me. A soldier in a distant land, and the enemy taking his own stand; a man and a woman loving... all are tied to me. All of the trees in the forest; all of the waters in the world; all of the skies; all of the rocks and stones and earth... all are tied to me. The planets, the stars, the subautomic particles, the light and energy in matter... all are tied to me. I am a part of everything that is. No greater and no lessor. We are a part of everything that is. We are no greater and no lessor.
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@swatig (1187)
• India
29 Jun 08
Nice poem indeed, "part of everything that is. No greater and no lessor....." The summary of mine experience til nw clearly says tht Never expect anything from any relationship including your close one.Think to give and then you receive automatically wht you deserve,not wht you are requiring.
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30 Jun 08
Those expectations are difficult to deal with... We all have, in Little Crow's words, "preditory self interest" meaning that we do what we can to get our needs met and to survive. There is always, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, some sort of expectation. I have found that if the expectation is expressed when it is actually a need the need gets met, Expectations get dashed when they are not expressed and when we are expecting others to be mind readers. It is a wise thing to give first as it is very much like priming the pump, throwing the water into the pump first to inspire the pump to give water, Praising the other, leads to the other giving praise. Expressing love to the other leads to the other giving more love in most cases if there is a good relationship. Detachment from the fruits of actions, from the outcomes of what will happens if you act is a good thing.
@Hatley (164838)
• Garden Grove, California
29 Jun 08
whiteheron that is absolutely brilliant and beautiful. Right we are related to all and everything around us what a wonderful way to put it, congratulations on a beautiful poem. You have made me think and realize how very truth your words are. I love being outside with the sunshine and trees and flowers and the birds singing and knowing that in a way I am one with all these things that God has given us.You are right, we are no greater and no lesser. thanks for sharing this with us mylotters.
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30 Jun 08
You are indeed related and connected and are equal in your Sacredness with all that is... Thanks for posting.