baby allergies from mum.

June 29, 2008 7:01am CST
When I was carrying my first child for the first 3-5 months I couldn't eat anything without throwing up except for bread and peanut butter. When I weaned my baby I soon discovered she was allergic to wheat and nuts. Just picking up a peanut would set off the allergy. Then when I had my second child I was very careful not to eat too much bread and hardly touch any nuts. Unlike the first pregnancy I could eat anything without being sick so I stuck to a healthy diet as recommended for pregnant mums. I would eat diary products as well as fresh fruit and vegetable on a daily basis. but when I weaned my second child I discovered she too had an allergy. She had her blood taken and tested for food allergies and the results confirmed my observation to be correct - allergy to milk and egg BUT no allergy to wheat. I firmly believe what I ate during my pregnancy caused my children's allergies . However when I talk to health visitors and friends about it they all dismiss it as nonsense and conclude that it is a coincidence. Has anyone been in my shoes before? Please share your views?
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@irishidid (8730)
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29 Jun 08
I believe some allergies run in families and sometimes people are allergic for unknown reasons. I'm not allergic to poison ivy but my girls are mildly allergic while my son is severely allergic. It's more and less a toss of the coin. I did find something that may support your belief for you first child about peanuts. I can't copy and paste yet, but I found it on a site called under can you really protect your child from allergies. Hope that helps.
3 Jul 08
Thanks for your helpful comments and for responding. I am not having much feedback from other mylot users so may try to write it again as a new discussion under a different interest.