URL Cloaking to Protect Your Referral Links

@rovian (1927)
United States
June 29, 2008 4:50pm CST
From our referral links, someone can easily remove our name or ID, press the enter button, and join a website un-referred. When this happens, you or I cannot gain commissions from their activity. Now what if the website gives multiple referral levels and the person was a super referrer? This means they are able to get many more referrals than we can in less or the same about time. There is also the possibility they wont even join the website at all. To try protecting my links, I signed up at two URL cloaking services that also pays. That way if this happens, I can still earn some cash just by them clicking on the link. Not everybody who sees it is going to click on it and I know that. What do you do to try to prevent people from removing your name/ID from your referral links? URL cloaking is also useful in that you won’t have to remember long referral links (example: Moola).
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@djhybrid (94)
29 Jun 08
I had never thought of that before. I know someone that uses Linkbucks with each of their referral links to get money (like you) even if that person doesn't sign up through the referral link. This doesn't stop someone deleting the referral part from the URL though.
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30 Jun 08
I think you'd have to be a pretty low sort of character to delete the referral part of a link - it's not like being part of someone's downline takes any money out of your pocket. I don't understand why people would do that. I quite like the idea of giving referral links the Linkbucks treatment though, since I've started doing that with my other links. Any idea if that would work with referral banners?
@ariesz (20)
• Indonesia
29 Jun 08
In my opinion, get a domain name and point it to your referral link is the bset for prevent people from removing our ID. But it also the most expensive one. If want to try some cheaper option, we can submit a free domain name. Of course, there is nothing such a free lunch. Free domain name comes with ToS (like "sacrificing" the top of our website for their banner).