What would you do if someone elses dog went after your dog in your campsite?

@saundyl (9690)
June 29, 2008 11:43pm CST
A little background Today My family is camping..not far from home just 15 minutes so we took one of our little dogs with us and granny's little dog as well. In the car my sister and cousin put leashes on each dog. By little dog im refering to bischon shih tzus (Rosie is MAYBE 15 pounds). We get to our campsite and get out fo the car. Before we are even out these two big dogs - the one was a lab and the other I'm not sure of the breed but it stood at waist height on me. The larger one headed straight for my car and the little dogs. Rosie and Muffy jumped out the other door and it went after them. The smaller dog I pushed away and told it to go home. Our two dogs went to my mom for protection. Of course this means my little sister (10) and my cousin (14) are between this large dog and ours. My mom yelled at it and told it to go home get lost and gave it push. It started snapping at our little dogs so my mom used the grocery bag hanging on her arms and hit it with the bag. (nothing major in the bag) and it kept coming. At this point the girl owning the dog comes across the road "dont hit my dog you should know it wouldnt bite anyone" We dont know her its SNAPPING at us and it wouldn't leave. Mom told her that she should get her dogs out of our campsite and the girl was really rude and said well people shouldn't have little dogs. So I got snappy and told her that her dogs were the ones OFF leash which is against part rules and she wasn't moving her ** to stop it from attacking our dogs and We weren't going to let it hurt them or my sister & cousin who were between the dogs. At this point a man from the next campsite has arrived and told her that she needs to keep her F'ing dogs tied because they tried to attack a little girl earlier this morning. There was a few other things said about the dogs being off leash and her responsibility that they might not bite people they know but they sure werent being very friendly with strangers. The girl walked away cursing and swearing about Aholes and B******. We went and reported them to the park office about the dogs off the leash, their loud party the night before AFTER quiet time started (11pm) which went til 2 am. We also took our dogs home. Later my uncle came with his two cocker spaniels and the girls dogs were off leash again and heading back to our site. At which point We told him quite loudly he better leave his dogs in the trailer because those dogs from the other site had attacked ours earlier.
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