is it true all americans are overweight except the models and film stars

June 30, 2008 4:55am CST
i have heard this from many of my collegues working in states, is it true, of course the film stars and models should defenitely be toned up people but all others americans - are they overweight
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@academic2 (7010)
• Uganda
5 Aug 08
No No! You will find a small section of fat Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Africans, Indians etc, but you will never convincce anybody that a whole nation, and in the case of America, the entire population of the 52 states are made of fat individuals
@leo2727 (138)
• India
2 Jul 08
i dont think it can be generalised that way, but overweight problem is huge in america
• United States
2 Jul 08
No. According to research, about 62% of adults in the US are overweight (that means weighing even 1 pound more than the scientifically determined "healthy" weight). That means that 48% of us are normal or underweight. I can assure you that 48% of americans are not models or actors (though I guess that the 48% does include them).
@Hatley (164640)
• Garden Grove, California
1 Jul 08
no not all americans just some americans. my why do people always say all such and such are this or all such and such are that when what they mean is some americans are overweight. a lot of us, not me, are slim and trim, so its just people like me and others who have gained weight for one reason or another. as for the models a lot of them are not normal but acutally underweight, and healthy people should not want to look like an anorexic no all americans are not overweight, just some of us are. a lot of younger p;eople are really just where they should be re. weight. there is so much more info on eaing right that we should all be more healthy.
• United States
30 Jun 08
I think most of Americans are overweight. I'm not overweight nor is most of my immediate family, but we've been eating healthy for years. Most Americans have a terrible diet. They eat what they want and forget about the consequences. I can't speak for all Americans, though. That's just how I see it.