Do You Find Time for Yourself?

Hong Kong
June 30, 2008 9:54pm CST
We are living in fast-paced world and I am sure we are all under different sort of pressure. I am wondering if you would deliberately find some time for yourself during the day just to have a nice breath and peace of mind for a little bit. I do. Sometimes, I feel that I am going to explode and I would go downstairs, walk around and take some time to be with myself (good to be away from people sometimes) just so that I could relax and calm down.
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@secretbear (19464)
• Philippines
17 Aug 08
hi wonderice! yeah. i always find time for myself. there are times that i just want to be alone and talk to me. ^__^;; but usually, i don't have to deliberately take time to enjoy solitude because i usually have the time to be alone and think and ponder of things before i go to sleep. and during a busy day, when i just feel like taking a break, i would go to the bathroom and take my time. ^__^;; there's a window in our office bathroom where we can have a view of the road outside and a lot of houses. i'm not the only one who would take time to stand by the window and just feel the air and look at the view (the view may not be pleasant but there's a calming effect just by watching people move about). some of my officemates do it too.
@gr8life (6253)
• Malaysia
25 Jul 08
Hello wondericequeen, Pretty sad that I don't really have time for myself! I am not that busy but still I can't find time just to be alone and doing nothing at all. Sometimes, I feel like time passes very fast that I don't achieve anything at all.
@magnet (2087)
• United States
5 Jul 08
I find that to be really difficult to do. The only time I can have time to myself is when I leave home and go out by myself, that's usually on the weekends or late at night while everyone is sleep.
@PearlGrace (3172)
• United States
2 Jul 08
Now that it is just my husband and I, I am able to find time for myself each day, even if it's just an hour or so in the evening. So, even though I may have worked a long day, once I get home, I whip up dinner, clean up the kitchen, and then am able to relax. Glad that you are able to escape and take a walk to relax, wondericequeen.
@momalisa65 (1986)
• United States
1 Jul 08
I consider my 'Mylot time' to be my time for myself. Other than that, the only time I am alone is when I'm in my car driving to work and back. When I'm at home I like to take some ice cream and go out and sit on my front porch swing, but my dog always wants to come out with me and beg for my ice cream. And then as soon as I start to relax, my son's father comes down the road. Lol. I can't say much about him anymore. He just signed up for mylot tonight. Lol!
@drannhh (15241)
• United States
1 Jul 08
Yes and no. If you count time with my dear hubby as time by myself then yes, but apart from him, no, as he does not like to be left alone. But since we are retired, that is OK.
• United States
1 Jul 08
It's very important to have time to yourself, at least a little every day. I do my best to meditate just for a little while every day. A newer habit I've just developed is riding my bike around the neighborhood a couple of times every night after work. It helps me relax and set things in order in my head, so I can handle things better the next day.