Do you feel guilty about eating meat?

@sharay (2776)
July 1, 2008 7:53am CST
actually speaking, an animal eats an animal, animal eats plants, even plants eat animal and insects, and a plant also eats another plant...that is the universal law and knowing that, i dont have a big problem in consuming meat and yes...i do sometimes suddenly feel guilty about it, donno why...when the thought is intense, i stop having them for a period of time and then start again when the thought subsides in a month or so and in that time period, when i switch to being a vegetarian, there also comes the problem as i kill the plants for my just kinda confused about it all as to when people can eat plants without any guilt, why cant eat the animals too?
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@Barb42 (4216)
• United States
1 Jul 08
I have no problem eating meat. I believe God put different things on earth for us to eat. After all, in the OT, he had them use animals for sacrifices; why not for food?
1 Jul 08
ppl for ur kind information plants and animal have two different entities.plants do not have senses.animals on the other hand have senses and show emotions
@arddi2007 (202)
• Albania
1 Jul 08
well, you shouldn't. i asked someone else about this who is really religious. he told me that God sent animals and meat in Earth so that we could feed ourselves. this is a law. but even i, as you did, feel sorry sometimes when i eat meat. i imagine how hard it must have been for the animal to say goodbye to its family and everything touching. but i still like and eat meat!