what you do when someone want to have a pitty party on themself

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July 2, 2008 7:47am CST
ok here it is, i know someone ok a few people. they are always crying and stuff about what;s wrong with them. the other night a person was over and all sudden it;s like wham wham, i have brain tumor, i have this and that. now they came in moving just find and stuff. after crying and crap about this and that. they go and sat outside to talk with another person, it got somewhat loud so i go out there. they were about to leave and all sudden ohhhh i can;t get up my back hurts and must have this or that wham wham.. so i was like ok got check out? well no i had to work. ok so why not after work ? well i just couldn't make time, and time just wasn't there. ok now this person (supposely have a tumor) not lethal or deadly. i told them well hell you want to trade with me ? hell at least what you got can be fix, what me and my spouce has can;t be, like stop already.. but people who has things wrong with them, some think they want people to pitty them. to fill everyone in what's wrong with me and my wife. my wife has rp of the eyes. so she's going blind. she lost 82% of her sifght. and myself i have destoried my back, looking at being cripple, and things wrong with my brain, so i can wake up and not knowing anyone. i don't tell anyone because i am not looking for pitty or hearing i am so sorry. i told this person ex, i can;t have pitty for someone who acts like the they do. i guess i don't have self pitty on myself. so i think i am about to tell this person to knock this crap off, not getting no pitty here.
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@kittenmc (465)
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2 Jul 08
I do let my mom cry and have a pitty party on me every once in a while. Her health is really bad and she don't do it often. As for someone like you described, I tell them to deal with and get over it and I have enough problems of my own and I don't need theirs. Some people thrive on pitty parties or what you have or been through, they have also, but worse. This gets on my nerves. I do know some like this. I no longer have much to do with them. Every now and then I will find myself having a pitty party because life is so hard, then I see someone who is having a harder time than me and I get over my self and Thank God for the blessings I do have. I hope what I said helps and makes since.