Are you a hoarder?

United States
July 2, 2008 8:06am CST
My goodness! I take care of this elderly lady and she saves everything. When I go over there an I try to throw something out she gets so angry with me. I have never seen so much stuff. She does not just collect stuff but food. I was cleaning out her freeze and she had food in there from 2005. She still would not let me throw it out. Why do people do this. She is all by herself and could never use half of this stuff in her life time. She has rooms full of stuff. I never have seen anything like it. How can I get her to throw some of this stuff? Do you hoard? What do you hoard?
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• India
2 Jul 08
LOL, why not let the poor dear have her way? She has just a few more years left on earth; so let her enjoy her old stuff. Some old people are like that. It can be because they have lived in great poverty and seen really hard times, so they hate the idea of "wasting something" or "throwing things away." Cheers and happy mylotting
@SusanLee (1920)
• United States
2 Jul 08
I think something dramatic in a persons life can trigger this disorder in people. I don't hoard although at a time I kept a lot of stuff for sentimental reasons. I don't do that anymore. I've kept some things from my children when they were little, to pass on to them later. I kept stuff from my grandmother, but pulled the stuff out to use because if it's packed away I don't get any enjoyment out of it. This way with grannies bowl in my cubbard I think of her each time I use it. If this woman is really elderly, I don't think I would bother her stuff, she probably couldn't change now and it would cause her anxiety and distress. I think the only thing you can do is maybe try to make sure her invironment is as safe as possible, like making sure the walk-ways are clear and there are no mice running around. As for stuff in the freezer, although it may not be edible anymore, it can't be hurting anything since it's frozen. Now something in the fridge that has went bad, you may have to sneak it out when she isn't looking.