Being a mother means being a superwoman...

July 2, 2008 9:07am CST
I really look up to mothers, not because i am one, but because of the things they do for the sake of their families. Play the role of a washing machine, a teacher, a baby sitter, cook, playmate, a friend, etc. most of the times sacrifices their own happiness. For me being a mom is really a tough job. A job for SUPERWOMAN!
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@qhwater (393)
• China
4 Jul 08
yes, i do think so, being a mother means being a superwoman. before you have a baby, you can do everything as you like and you can spend your time as you want. but after you become a mother, then it means you have more responsibility, for the child, for the family, etc. there are so many things to do for the child and so much knowledge to learn about how to raise a child. i think successful mother is a superwoman.
@pinkista (892)
• Philippines
4 Jul 08
Yes I agree..when you become mother of your children you have to be responsible. Mother can be all-around she can be your bestfriend, friend, counselor, teacher, etc. She's willing to sacrifice her life for the sake of her children.
3 Jul 08
It is only since I became a mother myself that I truly appreciate the sacrifices my own mother made, and why she said the things she said that I swore I would never say to my own kids (like " The heck you are going out dressed like that!" I don;t think you sacrifice your own happiness by any means, but your priorities change. You sacrifice yourself that designer dress because the kids need school shoes, but you find Walmart is just fine after all!
• India
3 Jul 08
the discussion about our mother always evokes strong emotion in us. and it should !after all, we lived in her womb for nine months even before we experienced the light of the world ,when we try to appreciate her by telling others what she means to us or what a mother should be like or do ,each of us has a different understanding an expression .we will try to address some basic and general ways to understanding the unique role of the mother as relates to her children in the mother-child reltionship.
• Philippines
3 Jul 08
Yeah, a lifetime job with a lifetime commitment and obligation. They should gave us an award for being such a good mother and at the same time a loving wife for our families.
@ersmommy1 (12600)
• United States
2 Jul 08
I have this job. And for the most part love it. There are days of course where this isn't the case.I think that is true for most of us. I read an article a short time ago that said if a mother was paid for her service she would make over $100,000 a year. THat would be nice. Not to mention making some of the job easier.