Do you like Sims 2? Do you know anything about Sims 3 ?

@elenahap (104)
Croatia (Hrvatska)
July 3, 2008 7:50pm CST
I play Sims 2 alot, I really love it. It is one of the best games ever, and the best of its kind. Now I know that the Sims 3 is coming, and the new thing is that you will be able to walk around in your neighbourhood from your house to other houses etc. I don't know a lot of things about it, but I would like to learn what else is new in the 3rd version. I previously had Sims (1) and Sims 2 was really a big progress since that. I can't imagine what else can change in Sims 3. It would be nice though to be something like GTA that you can drive the car around the town and stop and go down to visit places and talk to people.
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@avidwhit (1492)
• Mexico
4 Jul 08
I have never played sims two or three. I used to play the origanal sims on my black and white 4 inch macintash computer about 15 years ago. This was a great game. Now I think its better ti use the information gained to make a real life community. This is an excellent game. I understand why it is so appealing! I am sure the more modern version is even more real life. Play and enjoy for me, you might just use all you learn in the game to better the real world someday! Take care and happy lotting your my lot. :)
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@jdyrj777 (6556)
• United States
21 Jul 08
I love sims too. i had the sims complete collection first. Then recently got sims2 and a few expansions and stuffs. Im excited about sims3. I believe it will be out in 2009. I went to their site and signed up to get news so i think they will let me know. Im looking for sims 2 cheats. I know the money cheat and the twins cheat but i hear there is a naked cheat. Ya im a perv i wanna c them naked.