I am freaking out right now.

July 3, 2008 10:55pm CST
I am so upset right now its unreal. On canada day (2 days ago) I made a joke about one of my boyfriends friends. He just heard the tail end of it and got really mad. My friend was telling me what guys she thought was hot and I said if I was single Id go for shawn (cuase shawn was standing beside me) but it was a joke adn my boyfriend heard and he was so mad at me. We havent talked for two days and I cant get a hold of him. He calle din sick for work and his mom says hes really sick, but I went on msn and his names changed so I know hes been on. I dont know what to do. I couldnt eat all day and I even puked cuase I was crying. I dont think hed be pathetic enough to pull the whole ignoring then dumping deal, hes better then that. But i have no idea at this point, my minds racing. What would you do?
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@Hatley (164639)
• Garden Grove, California
4 Jul 08
hi younginlove have you ever given your boyfriend cause to distrust you since as overddoing the flirting business or 'sidling up to one of his friends? Some times jokes can misfire and your boyfriend evidengtly made more of that joke than was ever intended. I think you may have caused a lotof your own trouble here as joking about hot guys with a girl friend and saying what you did about Shawn could well be taken the wrong way. maybe you thought that was cool but I dont think I would have and your boy friend did not think so either. I think in this case you should cry, you stirred up this whole hornets nest so now you have reaped the reward. I would apologize to my boy friend if you do love him as you claim you do.