friends who are difficult to understand

July 4, 2008 3:46am CST
i have a friend who easily gets mad. like for example she wants to watch this movie and i cant make it, she will not talk to me after. and everytime i eat with my other friends she gets jealous. i dont know why she acts like that. it pisses me off. here's the worst thing. just recently she came to school with this really mad face. when i asked her the problem she just said family problem. but she acted as if i was the cause of the problem. she did'nt talk to me for 2 days. i kept texting her but i didn't get any reply. after that suprisingly she talked to me again like nothing happened. i really dont get her.. do u have friends like that/ how do you deal with them?
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@acevivx (1566)
• Philippines
4 Jul 08
I know some people like that and yes they are suppose to be my friend but if you really think about it do you think that such people are real friends? Those who manifest such behavior are selfish, insecure and jealous people who only think of themselves and their likes and dislikes without taking into consideration the rights of others. Friends are suppose to be concerned, understanding and friendship is suppose to be a give and take situation where one supports a friend and not undermine a relationship. When a 'friend" of mine acts that way insisting on whay she wants and sulking when she does not get it, i don't mind her, I don't go of my way to call her. In short, i go on with my bisiness and let her stew in her own sauc. Do you think we need "friends" like them?