Do mylot really pay money

@suren20 (162)
July 4, 2008 4:41am CST
This is the question pestering me day and night.Do mylot really pay money.I feel the amount of money they are paying is too low.It should be a eye-catching amount.I feel with this amount of money we can't do anything.
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• India
4 Jul 08
Yes,mylot really pays and i got paid five times from this site.I think there is not site like mylot who really pays for the discussion.You can utilize the mylot payment for online purchase.Mylot will send the payment to your paypal account.
@greysfreak (1385)
• United States
4 Jul 08
I haven't personally gotten paid because I am new, but I haven't heard of anyone not getting paid. So I am optimistic. As far a pay, my lot is much higher than any site I have ever tried before. I have made up to 1.65 in a day posting here. I'm definitely not planning on getting rich posting here, but I consider it a nice bit of money each month that I wouldn't have had otherwise. The key is to post as much as possible. And make sure the posts are quality/on topic posts of at least 5-10 lines. From what I have heard, if you post less than 4 lines you probably aren't going to see very good earnings. My first 10 days I have made just under 10 dollars, and the last few days I have averaged probably about 1.40 a day. Even if I was just making $1 a day I could easily make $31 this month, and I am doing better than a dollar a day. And this is without any referrals, I can't imagine how good I could do if I had referrals! Now, not everyone has the time to be on here all the time, that's for sure. But I'm thinking even if you only had a few hours a day, if you really threw yourself into writing on here you could probably do pretty good.
@maclanis (1850)
• Belgium
4 Jul 08
Yes, myLot does pay! I haven't been paid myself but a lot of people have told me about their payments so I guess you shouldn't worry. I don't think myLot pays low. It's the first site where I'm going to reach payout! And I don't even post that much. Perhaps you need to find your way around myLot a bit more and then you will soon discover how to earn more but I assure you: myLot pays! Good luck reaching payout! Just keep on posting. :)