a classmate who lies about everything

July 4, 2008 9:11pm CST
I was wondering if anyone here has a classmate who lies about everything. There is this one girl in my class who lies about everything, and the whole class knows about it and they are very frustrated with the situation and dont know what to do with her, to believe her about anything or if we should confront her. Does anyone have any ideas on this, on how to handle this situation.
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@irishidid (8713)
• United States
5 Jul 08
Are they just lies or embellished stories? I've known teenagers to go through this stage. Most outgrow it, some don't. I went through a period where I told some real whoppers. I never quite grew out of it, but I find it serves me well in writing.
5 Jul 08
I am not sure she is almost 30, and she tries to make out to everyone that she knows everyhting and she has had the most experince out of anyone in the classroom as a teacher. She says she has been hired as a teacher before getting her teaching degree, and she has told us she has a job for September but then wen to apply for jobs as well, so we are all not really sure what she is up to or what the purpose for it is.