Checks to be done before joining any new sites??

July 5, 2008 1:50am CST
Hi All, I want to know what all thing you check before joining any site? Do you have any site where you can check that this is not scam or any comment from any one regarding this site? I have joined many PTC site but dont know which is not the scam, this question came in my mind because i have joined a ptc called twist n cash, where their are 23 site to click but i have not reached the payout. any one has joined and earned from this site ? please help, suggest the checks to be done before joining any site.
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@paid2write (5202)
5 Jul 08
I don't join any site without doing my own research first. I will look in search engine results and read forum posts. If you look at 'twistncash' in search engine results you will see that people are promoting it on their blogs or personal websites. One site has posted proof of payment. None of the results shows any warnings about not being paid. That does not guarantee it to be a good site to join, but it will reassure you that up to now nobody has had a bad experience of it. If you search for information about any site and you see blog posts or forum posts showing people have not been paid or are not happy with the site, then you should take that as a warning, but if many people are promoting a site and some of them can prove they have been paid, you can feel more confident about joining that site.
• India
5 Jul 08
Thanks paid2write, I am checking the same. I will make sure to check the same before joining any site. happy mylotting.
• Oxford, England
5 Jul 08
Hello yogeshdhusa, Firstly, as the internet is not regulated, a good idea would be to ask about your new site here on mylot - someone would likely have heard of it or be using it, and could give you good feedback. Another thing, slightly away from your question, is to download (free) an add-on called SiteAdvisor by McAfee. This is excellent - it tells you if a site is using bad, or nuisance, or malicious cookies, and stuff like that. You can even ask it to investigate a site that it doesn't already know of. I say this because a lot of sites use tracking cookies, and heaven knows what else to gather information about us all ... which makes me feel uncomfortable. Also, you can use your browser to check that the site has got a proper certificate - which goes a long way toward weeding out the rubbish from the good sites. Stay virus and spyware free. All the best!
@drannhh (15245)
• United States
5 Jul 08
I think it is a very good idea to look up the domain information using a "who is" query. I look to see when the domain is going to expire, whether the program owner hides his or her identity, how many name changes it has gone through and other such information. Then I go the the BeenPaid forum to see who else says they have been paid. Just because people say they have been paid does not mean they will continue to get paid, but this kind of place often has useful information. Then I read the TOS (Terms of Service) very carefully. Then I look to see if the site appears to be sustainable. If it is promising to pay huge amounts of money for doing little, it is going to be a scam.