What would you do when you are upset?

@yenwie84 (1345)
July 5, 2008 9:20am CST
Everyone will have their upset moment. What do you do when you are upset to cheer yourself up?Go out have a drink with friends,sleep,surfing or any other things else?I prefer to go out with friends,hang out around so that I will not recall back the sad thing that happened.How about you?Any special remedy to cheer up?Please share with me...
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@qhwater (393)
• China
7 Jul 08
most of the time when i am upset, i will keep silence by myself. and then write diary, or even scolding sth or sb on the paper. but after my mood turns good, i might slit the paper if i found the words are too far away. i will try to make a good mood everyday. and take most of things for granted.
@minda40 (39)
7 Jul 08
There are different "levels" of upset moments. If i am so much upset i prefer to be alone. I want to see anybody and i don't want to be or talk with anybody. I can cry a lot and will feel much better later on. If i am a little upset i would like to be with a friend who will listen to what i will cry out. Funny because there are times when i feel a little upset with something and i find myself watching a sentimental movie or tv show i will end up crying. The tv program will "induce" my being upset. But whatever "level" i am in, crying is the best medicine for me. Since i am a Catholic, i find being in the Blessed Sacrament as the best "refuge." I can talk to Him and pour out all my disappointments, i can cry in there and i don't know how to explain this but after a few minutes or an hour or two, i feel much much better.
• United States
6 Jul 08
Kick and scream like a baby, lol. No seriously, if I'm upset about something, I need time and space for myself. I often need to be alone with my thoughts because outside noise can be overwhelming sometimes. Playing my guitar helps too, but not always. I guess my main thing is quiet, I need quiet.
• China
5 Jul 08
first,i believe the things will always be better!i prefer writing my feelings about the reflection. then change the bad feeling and original action to the postive side.
@melo_828 (427)
• Philippines
5 Jul 08
every time i am upset, i listen to music or play basketball. on that occasion i forgot those bad things that makes me feel upset. we must not take too much negative things and forget those bad moments and always be positive.