smells that make your cat go crazyyy

July 5, 2008 2:49pm CST
my persian - my cat chilled out
i have a persian, and when ever i use bleach she goes crazy rolling about on her back.. Looks most funny... if i use bleach anywhere she comes and goes crazy as though she is drugged up with just the smell of it lol Smell of bleach on my hands course her to roll about for ages, she wil even follow me trying to get to my hands.. She goes all daft, rolling and playful after just one smell of it.. I have to keep it well out of her way and not use on floors. Why is this... i am so curious as to what it is about cats and bleach? Also i would be interested to know if other cat owners have experienced this too or with any other smells that make cats high.. catnip donut affect my cat like bleach lol maybe next my cat will be a glue sniffer haha