Hypothroidism I have it, anyone else?

United States
July 5, 2008 9:19pm CST
I have had hypothroidism since I was about 11 and I'm now 23 it makes my life so so hard. I cant explain it for someone to understand not even my doctor. My mind and spirit are so alive and active but I just can't physically get with it or get going. I want to so bad do so many things and I can't! I get frustrated. I feel like I'm always ill and tired. I just recently started to change my diet and take vitamin packs from gnc and its like when is this going to stop. There is not alot of options out their for me. Is there anyone out there dealing with this disease as well?
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@Hatley (164389)
• Garden Grove, California
6 Jul 08
hi cdeanda2 have you seen your doctor lately, and has he helped you to overcome beingill and tired,if he is not helping you maybe you should switch doctors. I am diabetic but overweight and find it so hard to lose weight and am wondering if I should have my throid checked as I feel tired all the time. my doctor has never suggested it but I do wonder.
• United States
6 Jul 08
Hi hatley. I recently found out that hypothroidism is hereditary. I had no idea. Next thing I know my 40 year old uncle found out two months ago he had it, he had never been severly overweight but I guess not a comfortable weight for him. There are so many people out there and doctors who are so quick to misdiagnose patients and my mother actually worked at a hospital and asked to have me checked when I was a child and sure enough she was right. My thyroid glands were severly low I was extremely overweight. Within a year I was diagnosed and treated I lost thirty lbs. So yes if you feel tired and achey I would def recommend to get tested. Once tip is testing your neck its quite tender. It also feels quit swollen and almost like a lump. I will def be talking to my doctor more because I just cant be feeling like this anymore.