what is your proudest moment in sports? any opinion?

@qwe123 (253)
July 6, 2008 6:23am CST
what is your proudest moment in sports? even if you do not like sports you definitely still have had enough sports experience as it is a compulsory cooure in school what si your biggest sports achievement ina sports game or match? what is your proudest moment ins ports? i am not sure seems sports is everywhere in life long run is my favorite i enjoy the moment atteding some school sports meeting besides i remember in m high school there is no basketball team at that time we organize temporary team of the shcool sometimes we may meet some basketry little lower we like dunk again and agan say we can fly like jordan tennis is my favourite all these ears because of pete sampras andree agassi i through the exam and get my tennis umpire certificate although i am not a proessional sportman i love sports sports looks like aan old friend of mine in my whole life i joined te relay race in sophomore ad got the silver medal then i began to play basketball and like playing it very much i used to play basketball after clas and on weekends after graduation i joined in working and often worked overtime till the deep night even on weekends i also have to go working now i only played the basketaball forabout ten minutes i began to breathe deeply i realized my healathy becme very poor so guys go back sports and take care of our bodies
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@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
6 Jul 08
I am not a sports fan! I've never watched a football game. I have very seldom watched any pro sport game. I don't believe in competitive sports. I feel competitive sports send the wrong message to our children. Sports teach competition.We need to teach cooperation in this competitive world . We need to learn how to get along with everyone and how to work together to get the job done. How to love everyone and always be on their side. Never take the opposite side to any one at any time. Cooperation and always working together improves human relations, and makes this world a friendlier place. This is my Proudest Moment!