Pumice bar

@mimico (3619)
July 6, 2008 8:53am CST
Has anyone ever tried using a pumice bar? It looks like a brick but weighs less and is very porous. It's supposed to be used for scrubbing one's skin I guess to get the "exfoliated" effect. I own one, which sadly fell and broke to pieces. I used it to scrub the soles of my feet so it would feel smoother and it worked a little... I guess it's not really part of make up but it's used to make one feel more beautiful, so why not? :)
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12 Jul 08
Years ago I used a pumice bar occasionally but never really got into it. It seemed too coarse and hard and I ended up throwing it away. For the past two years I have found something called a pumice sponge, it is for the hands and feet. It is like the ones they use in the nail salons when you get a pedicure. They are light weight and come in different colors and I LOVE them. If I use it when I shower every day, my heals are totally smooth. The best thing about them is that I buy them at the dollar store. I have only seen them available in the spring time, so when they have them in stock I seriously buy 10 at a time (they last about a month or so because they wear down).
@hezoid (2147)
6 Jul 08
I've used them before and m partner actually has one that he used but i don't find them that good to be honest. I prefer foot scrub of those foot file thingies that you can get. You can get somany different things now to care for you feet and get them smoother!
@katsmeow1213 (29043)
• United States
6 Jul 08
I owned one years ago, but never used it. Have you seen that new ped egg? It's for exfoliating the feet. I'd like to get one of those, as it looks a bit easier.