Hello i am back!!! Did anyone miss me..let me guess No..ha ha..lol

July 6, 2008 6:07pm CST
Hello Everyone i am back i know its been a while, I Wasnt very well had to stay in hospital for a bit then i fell behind with alot of things and just havent had a chance to get on here, So how is everyone still chatting and debating i see! I hope everyone is well and earning lots of money..lol..Do tell me how things have been for yourselves...Take care..x Ps - I havent ignored anyones responses i just havent been on and i dont think i can reply to everyone now so sorry!!
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• India
7 Jul 08
What were you down with? Just curious. Whatever it was, I hope you've made a full recovery and you're now fit as a fiddle! Yeah, I also haven't seen you here before, but welcome back, anyway. Hoping to see more interesting discussions out of your rack. You don't have to be sorry if you aren't able to comment upon each and every one's responses in your discussion. However, I do feel that those who had written carefully thought responses deserve comments. You can select them from the others and write your comments for them only.
7 Jul 08
Hello Thanks i had a serious stomach infetion something that re-ocurrent with me i have had many problems but i have most of my strenght back now but cant manage to much...But yeah i do feel guilty about not responding but people i am hoping will be understanding...Thanks for your response, its weird because ihad loads of discusions to add but right now cant think of any..Take care..x
@kareng (7980)
• United States
6 Jul 08
So glad to have you back and I'm glad you are out of the hospital! Just the same old thing here....work, more work! Take care and have fun posting!
7 Jul 08
Thank you so much Kareng, dont even mention work to me i am sky high init lol, you look after yourself..x
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@dpk262006 (56170)
• Delhi, India
7 Jul 08
Weclome back to mylot! Hope you will be pinkest of your health now. Hopefully, those who are your friends here on mylot, would have missed you during your absence. Just get into the groove and get going with discussions/posts.